1. Cloud Raiders Introduces Treasure Island and Valor Challenge in Latest Update!


    With popular strategy game Clash of Clans still not arriving to the WP Store, Cloud Raiders by Game Insightcontinues to attract users’ attention as the best alternative title. In fact, we believed that the game is not just an alternative, as Cloud Raiders stands out above other games of the same genre when it comes to graphics and gameplay. The developers also continue to introduce new features…

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  2. Flipagram Gets Updated Today with Bug Fixes – Downloading Problems Solved!


    When sharing one photo at a time in Instagram is not enough, there is Flipagram. This app, which was created by a group of developers with the same name, allows users to make a short video clip out of the photos that you have on either Facebook or Instagram. Flipagram finally made its way to Windows Phone mid-July, but a certain bug prevented users from downloading it from the WP Store. It went…

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  3. Spotify for Windows Phone Receives Fix for Sign-Up Issues in New Update!


    Spotify had finally offered their free music streaming feature to Windows Phone users through a major update that was released yesterday. This is great news, since many had been requesting the arrival of free service to the WP version of the app, since it was already available in other platforms. But just when we though the whole WP community can now experience the quality music experience that…

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  4. wunderlist-windows-phone

    Earlier this month, another popular app added up to the list of official apps that had already jumped to Windows Phone – Wunderlist. Offering a new and innovative way of organizing life and business, Wunderlist is currently in beta version to further improve the service through feedback coming from the public users who also serve as testers. Now in Version 3.0, what is new with Wunderlist’s latest update? Let’s find out.

    The following change log was listed today for Wunderlist Beta:

    • Pin Live Tiles to Start Screen
    • Fixed web socket issues
    • Many bug fixes

    With the latest update, additional Live Tile support is introduced to the app – a unique feature for Windows Phone. Now, you can receive updates from Wunderlist straight from your Start Screen! Fixes and improvements were also released, which are really important for the app to function better.

    Download or update Wunderlist Beta now!


    Wunderlist Beta Receives Live Tile Support in Latest Update! Earlier this month, another popular app added up to the list of official apps that had already jumped to Windows Phone – …

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  5. vivino-windows-phone

    Whether you are a wine expert or just a regular wine drinker, the Vivino Wine Scanner is a handy smartphone app for you. Released to Windows Phone last June, this app allows users to pick the best wines in town, know more about these amazing beverages, and to get personal recommendations of what brand to choose. And with the new update released today, Vivino adds up new features to improve your wine-tasting experience – find out more about it below.

    Vivino Wine Scanner is now on version, and the update brought the following change log to the app:

    • More accurate results and faster search function
    • New grouping of wine lists to help you find the best wine of your taste in every location
    • Verified Wine Lists in San Francisco and Copenhagen – get the exact selling price and see complete wine lists at the best San Francisco and Copenhagen restaurants
    • Lots of performance improvements and bug fixes

    Download Vivino Wine Scanner for Windows Phone now!


    Vivino Wine Scanner Gets Updated with New Wine Top Lists and More! Whether you are a wine expert or just a regular wine drinker, the Vivino Wine Scanner…

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  6. Archos Unveils New Windows Phone Handset and Windows Tablet with Affordable Pricing!


    The upcoming IFA Conference in Berlin, Germany is an important event, not only for Microsoft, but also for other technology-based companies. A venue to introduce new services and unveil new devices, IFA stands on equal grounds with other tech events like the Mobile World Congress and COMPUTEX. While most WP users associate the event with the release of the Lumia 730 and 830 smartphones, there…

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  7. Nokia Lumia 730 Spotted Passing Through FCC!


    September is almost upon us, and as Windows Phone fanatics, it only means one thing – the Microsoft press event in Berlin is really coming soon. It is believed that during the said event, two new Nokia Lumia smartphones will be unveiled: the Lumia 730 (Superman) and Lumia 830 (Tesla).While multiple evidences are proving the existence of these devices, we still have to wait for the official…

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  8. spotify-windows-phone

    The Windows Phone Store currently holds some of the best music streaming apps for smartphones: Nokia MixRadio, Xbox Music, Beats Music, and Spotify. While subscription is needed for all four apps, MixRadio is currently in the lead because it offers free music streaming and offline mixes downloads. Xbox Music serves as the native music app for WP, but you still need to pay to get the music you wanted from their Store. Beats Music is released only on certain regions, so it’s not really useful for most WP users. Spotify requires users to have premium account before you can access the app and play music – that is, until the latest update finally brings free music streaming to WP users!

    Yes, you can now listen to your favorite music free of charge with Spotify for Windows Phone 8. Now in version 4.0, listen for free and play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode. While you can still download songs if you are a premium account holder, offering free service will definitely improve the number of app downloads – after all, most users love free apps and services! The free music streaming had been around iOS and Android since the end of last year, so we are really excited that Spotify had finally brought the feature to Windows Phone.

    Grab Spotify for Windows Phone 8 now! The app requires internet connection to access the online music playlists, so be sure you have enough mobile data on hand.


    Spotify Finally Brings Free Music Streaming to Windows Phone in Latest Update! The Windows Phone Store currently holds some of the best music streaming apps for smartphones: Nokia MixRadio…

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  9. Nokia X2 Now Available in the Philippines Only PhP6,990!


    Microsoft Devices Group announced that the Nokia X2, the newest addition to the Nokia X family of affordable smartphones, is now available for purchase in the Philippines. The Nokia X2 delivers upgraded specifications, more popular Microsoft services and a smoother, easier user experience at an affordable price.

    “The Nokia X2 was designed to help the next billion people connect to the mobile…

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  10. Age of Empires: Castle Seige Coming Next Month to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8!


    I’m sure Age of Empires: World Dominationbeing rescheduled is not really pleasant news for WP8 and Windows 8 users, especially for those who are avid fans of the AOE game franchise. Having to move the release date is quite necessary to bring out the best of AOEWD, so we suggest that you just continue to wait patiently. Still not cheered up? Then here’s one great news – a new AOE game is coming…

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